Harrods Creek Auto
Harrods Creek Auto
9705 La Grange Rd
LouisvilleKY 40223
 (502) 425-2717

Reviews Of Harrods Creek Auto

4.76 34 Reviews
Jun 25, 2017

Second time using this shop. This time for wife's car. Unknown problem. Brought the car in early. Asked Dan to do road test while taking me back to our house. Noise revealed itself and I got home. Repaired quickly and very reasonable. Will use them in the future. Hopefully this cured my wife of going to DEALERSHIPS. All they want to do (since Swope sold out) is do services you really don't need. They wanted to replace her exhaust system when all Dan did was secure a heat shield

Paul Sturgeon
Jun 22, 2017

I have an older car and needed to find someone who would work on it. The people at Harrods Creek Auto were just who I needed. They were very knowledgeable about my car and offered several options on what needed work. The cost was very reasonable and I 'm very satisfied with all that was done.

Jun 18, 2017

I trusted that I would not be taken advantage

Scott F Wilson
Jun 13, 2017

Solid work, Honest People, Very Knowledgeable. They do a good job.

Steve Trott
May 30, 2017

Had an oil changed. They make it very easy and fast compared to the dealerships. I really like the way they talk to the customers. They explain things and aren't pushy or arrogant about it.

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